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Data Warehouse

Data Warehousing brings information together facilitating business communities within an organization to view data. An integrated view of information captured from multiple data sources scattered across organization and transform into enterprise data warehouse gives the ability of better decision making.

In this process, our services focus providing,

GloWiz DW Services

• Data Warehouse Planning
• Data Warehouse Architecture
• Data Modeling
• Building Data Warehouse
• Data Integration (Extract, Transform, and Load)
• Data Quality
• Data Cleansing

Our approach is customized and flexible data warehouse solution to meet client needs for enterprise data warehouse, department data warehouse, data marts or operational data stores. Our approach of structured and customized data warehouse solution is backed by years of experience and expertise in building small, medium and large size data warehouse solutions that integrates data from various disparate sources into a single point entry for all data needs giving organization with better decision making ability.

Key DW Principles

Our planning, development, and delivery methodology is based on the key principles carried out using proven processes, templates, procedures, best practices and methodologies.

• Customized and Flexible
• Quick Delivery
• Process Oriented
• Best Practices
• Dynamic Approach